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Program Description

CalRBS is going to Northern Italy from June 23, 2022–July 6, 2022 in its inaugural international program!

CalRBS International is a one-of-a kind continuing education experience that immerses participants in book and library history through unique itineraries abroad. CalRBS-International is part:

  • seminar
  • historical immersion
  • hands-on craft-making
  • and multi-city tours.

By immersing participants in international spaces, the intention of CalRBS-International is to enrich historical understandings of book and library history by learning the living, contemporary trends in book and artifact collecting, artisanship, publishing, and institutional programming.

Participants in the 2022 trip will learn about the rich history of Italian printing along the rivers of Modena, academic librarianship and archives under the porticos of Bologna, historical paper manufacturing in the plants of Fabriano, or the history of typography in the foothills of Cornuda. We will visit cities of significant import to the history of books, publishing, and libraries, while also examining how these histories speak through the present by visiting bookbinders, papermakers, library collectors, printers, and the like. Participants can expect tours of sites significant to book and library history, interspersed with seminar-style discussions, hands-on opportunities to participate in local craft-making, and visiting world-renown library and artifact collections. We will bring you, the participant, to living history as it exists outside the boundaries of the classroom.

CalRBS International will formally begin in Summer of 2022 when participants will have the opportunity to explore the historical and contemporary cultures of bookmaking, printing, library collecting, and papermaking in Northern Italy

Some sites of particular interest will include:

Along the way, we will meet craft-makers, experience lectures by subject specialists, and enjoy the local cuisines and antiquarian marketplaces of these vibrant cities. And above all, you will travel with participants that share an equal fascination and fondness for a uniquely immersive education in what CalRBS knows best: rare books, librarianship, archives, and manuscripts.

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