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All the following courses will share a hub at UCLA:

  • Queer and Feminist Archival Practices | Rebecka Sheffield — This week-long course will explore queer/feminist archival practices, from the analogue collecting of the 1970s to the digital memory work underway today.
  • Islamic Manuscript and Print Culture: from the Middle East to South Asia | Nur Sobers-Khan — This course provides broad historical overview of Islamic manuscript and print culture, featuring sessions on the historical background and material context of manuscript production, the rise of typographic print and lithography in the Middle East and South Asia, as well as a critical view of 19th-century colonial collecting practices and the formation and conceptualization of ‘special collections’ in Western institutions today vis-à-vis the Islamic world.
  • Special Issues in Art Librarianship: Developing Critical/Decolonial Praxis | Simone Fujita, Kit Messick, Lylliam Posadas, Hailey Loman — CalRBS Curated Course Special Issues in Art Librarianship: Developing Critical/Decolonial Praxis will be led by a series of art library, conservation, and related practitioners invested in antiracist praxis and critical approaches to the profession. Each instructor will leads a day-long session in their particular professional area.
  • History of the Renaissance Book | Craig Kallendorf and Lisa Pon — This course will serve as a comprehensive introduction to the history of the book in early modern Europe, from the beginning of the fifteenth century to the middle of the seventeenth.
  • Inclusive Leadership and Management in Academic Libraries | Aislinn Sotelo — In this course, students will learn to recognize their own implicit biases, practice humility, and develop skills to lead authentically and cultivate an inclusive workplace. Additionally, this course will utilize active learning techniques in a safe space and focus prompts and scenarios in a Special Collections and Academic Library setting. Students will leave this course with new and developing skills for inclusive leadership and management at all levels in their organization.
  • English Paleography | Vanessa Wilkie — This course is designed to teach students the skills to read various English scripts used between 1400 and 1650, with a heavy emphasis on English secretary hand.
  • The Critical Praxis of Special Collections Librarianship | Mario Ramirez — Through readings, site visits, lectures, and discussions, this course aims to challenge its participants to reflect upon their own praxis and biases as a means of critically interrogating how they frame special collections librarianship, and the definitions, practices, and terminologies that have traditionally circumscribed the profession’s ability to be inclusive and equitable.

Please note: while you are welcome to apply to more than one course, it is literally impossible to take more than one course at a time as they are intensive and simultaneous.

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